Jewels Jade Sits Down To Talk With PUMPSmag!

 We sat down briefly with adult actress Jewels Jade. Some of you may be familiar with the name but I hope the majority has seen her feature films.

With an exquisite/petite but ever so jaw-dropping figure, how would you miss this full figure woman in public? Jade’s rack entails a 34DD, which are clearly busting out of her chest to go along with her oh so slender 24-inch waist along with her 34-inch hips. Her phenomenal structure elevates her hotness to a woman you see in your fantasies. With tattoo’s on her right shoulder plus tribal tattoos that wrap across her lower back, Jewels is a rare diamond that all her fans have a strong appreciation for.
When Jewels started in the industry back in 2001 she was 25 and came in looking to change the game, like many of her female counterparts in this adult industry. The new girl on the scene looks made her a popular gem in the anal niche market. Like the most of you, we all love Jade and for the some who are still unsure, we beg you to Watch her videos! The sizzling sex appeal, the supreme tight muscular physique, along with her perfect ass only made her star bigger. Load one of her videos while you continue to read this post With a proven adult career which has seen the likes of Layla Jade, Peter North, Desert Rose and Brittney Skye. Jade is just all over the place, but you didn’t need me to tell you that. From all of us at Pumps Mag…enjoy the interview.
PUMPSmag(PM): Do you feature dance?
Jewels Jade(JJ): I used to when I was 26 and liked it very much. Dancing raised my self esteem, I am currently taking pole lessons and going back on the road very soon.
PM: How do you feel about being classified as a milf?
JJ: Unbelievable, [it] doesn’t bother me at all. I’m a mother of two and look great, I work out 4-5 days a week, and I lift weights and do cardio.
PM: How do you feel about other milfs like Lisa Ann?
JJ: It’s a very hard industry, Lisa Ann has a different body, and all the women are unique in their own way. I try be myself not like other people.”
PM: Have you done any directing since your tenure in the Adult Entertainment?
JJ: I did some for my site I am currently writing a book that will be made into a movie. My life is very interesting.
PM: Who did you like working with in the industry?
JJ: Actresses such as Jenna Haze, and Diamond Fox. For the male counterparts, I love the majority of the Brazzer guys and John Strong.
PM: Any favorite movies done?
JJ: I loves my double penetration scenes in my flick “Window Washers.”
PM: How do you handle being married and in the industry?
JJ: Very hard with all the fans and emails, but it’s all about open communication. I brought him to some of scenes so he could understand. He is a navy seal and also my trainer. I am back to bench press 135 with his help and this extra makes me able to throw around other girls like rag dolls (while on scene)
PM: What are you some of your hobbies?
JJ: I love rap and hip-hop of course. I would say my musical background is diverse. My talents consist of playing the accordion and piano. It doesn’t stop there. Even before my adult dancing career, I tap danced and also sang in 7 musicals.
I have a nursing degree and a real estate license under my belt. I have played on a traveling team for soccer but I don’t watch sports. Huge fan of Italian and Thai food.
The word MILF is one that women should be proud to be called and Jewels Jade is at the forefront of the wave of being a MILF. A phenomenal body, great attitude and a special addition to the adult industry like Jewels Jade never goes unknown because of what she offers. Feel free to enjoy the images of Jewels that we at PUMPSmag have provided.


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