Kendra Lust Interview

Porn Star Kendra Lust is one of the most popular MILF stars in the adult film industry today. Dave Kingsley of Orgasm News spoke to the MILF superstar about her career, her ultimate fantasy, and her webcam success.

Dave Kingsley: What do you like about doing webcam work? How does it differ from doing shoots and modeling work?
Kendra Lust: I love webcamming because it allows me to be one on one with fans and actually get to know my fans! I have a lot more freedom with camming and can kind of call my own shots so I really like that!

DK: Have you intergraded some of what you learned being a registered nurse towards your career as a porn star?
Porn Star Kendra Lust in Black DressKendra: Actually, I have! I am a pleaser by nature and really love making people happy and PORN is all about making people feel good and happy! [laughs]

DK: You’re known as the ‘MILF Next Door.’ How have you used this moniker to help you grow in the industry?
Kendra: Just being me I guess. I am kind of just doing what I have always done! Being sexual, energetic and silly. I love to fuck so think of me as the “MILF Next Door” who is sweet but also really nasty!

DK: What’s some advice you would give to any girls just starting out in porn?
Kendra: If you don’t really like to have sex don’t bother! It is sooo important to love what you are doing!

DK: How did you come up with your porn star name?
Kendra: Actually, a friend of mine helped me pick it out! Love the name Kendra and doesn’t everyone love LUST?

DK: What kinds of projects excite you? What is a recent project that you really enjoyed working on and why?
Kendra: Working on Feature Films are super exciting!! Some of the dialogue makes it a bit more challenging but I really like it! My recent Wicked Feature was really cool. I loved the plot. I played the naughty step mom!

Deauxma interview


First off, let's make sure that people pronounce this lovely lady's name correctly. It sounds like "Doe-may" which is appropriate since she happens to be one of the most sensuous Milfs in the biz. She is able to create memorable heat with her partners. In 2010, industry insiders and her loyal fans have seen a resurgence in her Girlfriends Films series Road Queen. The refreshing plot line and location has given new excitement to it and has allowed more people to marvel at Deauxma's talents. Quite frankly, her fans can't wait for the next installment to be released to see more of her. Along with Pin-Up GirlsRoad Queen is the most anticipatory title for this studio. It is great that this so-called "part-time" actress is able to use her usual "100%" effort on a spectacular vehicle. If there was an award named Comeback Series of the Year, Road Queen would win it easily and Deauxma would be a huge part of it's newly-founded success. Good things happen to good people.