BNC.admin: Kelly Madison!?!?.. I can’t believe we’re doing this.. thanks so much..  did you know about Boobster.com before I contacted you for this interview..
Kelly Madison: Really, I thought everyone on the Internet that likes big ‘ol titties knows about you!
BNC.admin: really?!.. so do you read my blog regularly!? 
Kelly Madison: I read it and I can’t believe all the great girls you get on your site. Geez, and those titties. I am heaven every time I log on.
BNC.admin: that’s so flattering to hear.. well, I look at your website daily too :) )) how long is KellyMadison.com online now?
Kelly Madison: 10 years and still kicking.

“I am one horny girl so I am always thinking of new ways to get fucked..”

BNC.admin: whoa!.. that is why the archive is so packed with photos and videos!… how much photos/videos you got there at the moment?
Kelly Madison: 75,366 photos, 2,131 videos which totals 249.6 Gigs of content that is all downloadable.
BNC.admin: those are some SERIOUS numbers there.. how often do you make/add fresh stuff?
Kelly Madison: Almost every day.
BNC.admin: and I must say you’re VERY creative with that.. where do you find the inspiration for all the scenes?
Kelly Madison: My members send me great ideas and lets face it, I am one horny girl so I am always thinking of new ways to get fucked.
BNC.admin: got any big ideas for future updates?.. can you tell us few words about whats coming up?
Kelly Madison: I just did an update that was romance novel-like. It is my favorite so far. I got to be a princess for a day and my husband Ryan dressed up in the cutest Renaissance outfit ever. His skinny legs looked adorable in his black tights.
BNC.admin: ok, now you.. how the hell do you keep getting hotter and hotter!?
Kelly Madison: No, I am just aging away. I am going to be 42 in August.

“I am almost a 34 H for Hellaciously Large..”

BNC.admin: and what about your boobies.. they are still 100% natural, are they?
Kelly Madison: Of course, but they keep on growing. I used to be a 34 F, then a 34FF and now I am almost a 34 H for Hellaciously Large!
BNC.admin: holly tit!.. and how do you keep them so big and firm and full and.. uhmmmm yummy?!
Kelly Madison: I wear a bra all the time, even when I sleep. And of course genetics, my Mother had gigantic breasts.
BNC.admin: ever thought of enlarging or, god forbid, reducing them?
Kelly Madison: No, I’ll let nature take its course.
BNC.admin: good idea.. you gotta pretty much PERFECT body.. when did you decide you wanna show it to the world?
Kelly Madison: Perfect no but I do try to keep in shape by walking my dogs and doing pilates.
BNC.admin: so when did you decided you’re gonna start doing hardcore stuff?
Kelly Madison: A few years into my site. I just got bored masturbating and I really wanted to show off my husband’s cock.
BNC.admin: was it a big decision for you, or it just happened?
Kelly Madison: We talked about it for a long time and when I was finally ready we did it.
BNC.admin: did you ever regret it?
Kelly Madison: Absolutely not. I love sharing that part of my life with my fans.
BNC.admin: what do you like about having sex in front of the cameras?
Kelly Madison: Everything. I like getting ready, I like teasing the camera, I like having sex on camera, I love cumming on camera. The whole thing is a wonderful experience.
BNC.admin: yup, and you look like you’re enjoying every second of it.. how and when did you came up with the idea for PornFidelity.com?
Kelly Madison: I give that one to my husband. We started doing 3somes on my site and it was a hit. He then thought of the concept and I helped it along.

“I fucking get off on seeing my husband banging other girls..”

BNC.admin: that lucky bastard… did you and Ryan share girls before, or that’s when you started doin it?
Kelly Madison: Yes, we had 3somes in our personal life first, then on KellyMadison.com and then eventually every week for PornFidelity.com
BNC.admin: so you like seeing him banging other girls?
Kelly Madison: I fucking get off on it. There have been times when I was ill so I directed and filmed it without starring in the scenes and those are some of the hottest scenes for me.
BNC.admin: you’re not jelous or anything like that?!
Kelly Madison: Jealousy is overrated.
BNC.admin: ok, you’re official PERFECT!.. got any twin sisters or clones!? :) 
Kelly Madison: Thanks but I am a clean freak so that drives my husband crazy.
BNC.admin: Im a bit of clean freak myself.. ;) but you are cousins with Janine Lindemulder, right?!.. did she introduce you to the biz?
Kelly Madison: She is my cousin and she didn’t know for a few years after I started my site that I was in the biz too. I didn’t want her to feel like I was using her name or anything to help me out.
BNC.admin: what is she up to these days!?
Kelly Madison: Unfortunately in jail. Check her site, www.FreeJanine.com
BNC.admin: oh, sorry to hear that.. but, I gotta ask you this – did Ryan ever suggest doing a threesome with scene with her!?.. I bet he did..
Kelly Madison: Yes he did and no, I don’t think I will be doing that. We grew up together playing with bunny rabbits at my Aunt’s farm.
Kelly Madison Big Boobs Pics

“I don’t want to fuck another guy at the moment but the minute that changes I’ll be calling YOU!”

BNC.admin: ok, ok… and what about you and other men.. when was the last time you were with someone else than Ryan if I may ask?.. I understand if you can’t say cause he’s reading this too probably..
Kelly Madison: I haven’t been with another man for over 10 years. I found him and that cock was enough for me.
BNC.admin: dont get me wrong, I don’t have anything against Ryan (except that I hate his guts for being such lucky bastard), but I’d love to see you with someone else too.. who do we need to kill or bribe or whatever, for that to happen?
Kelly Madison: Maybe when I’m ready. I just don’t know if that is going to help or hurt my career and if it does help will it be worth the personal cost for me. I don’t want to fuck another guy at the moment but the minute that changes I’ll be calling you!
BNC.admin: ok, Im fine with that.. I’ll be showering with my phone handy just in case..and what about BBG threesome!?.. think that could ever happen!?
Kelly Madison: What’s your number?
BNC.admin: I’ll take that as YES! hehe.. did you ever do it in your private life if Im not asking too much?!
Kelly Madison: Yes, I did a b/b/g with my ex boyfriend and his best friend. It was awesome. So I did it and checked it off my bucket list.
BNC.admin: damn, and no pics/videos of that!?.. what was the wildest/craziest thing you’ve done sexually in private life and in front of cams?
Kelly Madison: Wow, that is a tough one. Private life would be sex in a church and on camera would be the Fivesome I did for PornFidelity.com. It was a blast. There were more titties and pussies than I could keep up with.
BNC.admin: oooh, I remember that scene.. classic!.. is there something you still haven’t done, and you’d love to do it?
Kelly Madison: Yes me and 5 girls and Ryan.
BNC.admin: I hate him and everything he owns!.. we often see you on photos drinking and stuff.. are you a big party freak?!
Kelly Madison: I like to drink beer and wine. No drugs, never have but I like my shoots to appear party like and fun. Something that would happen in real life.
BNC.admin: I believe there were some photos of you with a joint, and even some lines of coke.. do you guys love to get high?!
Kelly Madison: No, the lines of coke were fake and I’m not into pot. I have to admit I am a poser when it comes to drugs.

“I have made out with strange men right in front of my husband..”

BNC.admin:do you get wilder than usual after having few drinks or?
Kelly Madison: I get wild drunk or sober, tired or sleepy. I’m just a horn dog.
BNC.admin: true.. so, how crazy do you get when you’re in party mood!?.. ever flash your boobies, making out with strangers or stuff like that?.. 
Kelly Madison: Yes, I have made out with strange men right in front of my husband. I like to kiss. I think I like to kiss and make out even more than sex, at least with a stranger. I have made out with my tranny friends as well.
BNC.admin: do you like when guys are starring and/or commenting on your boobs!?
Kelly Madison: Staring yes, commenting not so much because it usually sounds rude. I do like to see guys stare at me especially when their wives or girlfriends catch them. That is always fun.
BNC.admin: I bet.. what was the funniest/craziest/weirdest thing you’ve seen them doing or heard them saying?!
Kelly Madison: I saw a guy get slapped. I laughed pretty hard.
BNC.admin: hahaha!.. that’s classic!.. I’ve seen some photos of you meeting fans at some expo and you didnt mind them grabbing your boobies.. were those photos real?
Kelly Madison: Yes, I almost always let the fans grab while posing for photos. I let them feel that they are real.
BNC.admin: so whenever I meet you (and I WILL!), I can count on a photo like that?!
Kelly Madison: Most definitely!
BNC.admin: SWEET!.. got any other special ideas about our photo!?.. maybe me motorboating them!?.. would you mind that?
Kelly Madison: I would love that. Do you have a nice tongue? I like to have them licked.
BNC.admin: are you kidding me!?.. my tongue was voted world’s greatest!!!.. do you remember what was the strangest/funniest thing that happened to you and has to do with your big rack?
Kelly Madison: I was out in a very public place with a very revealing top and my bra snapped. Yep, right there in the middle of the crowd my bra broke. My tits were hanging out everywhere. It was sight.
BNC.admin: hehehe.. now, I saw you and Ryan being everywhere on the globe.. do you like to travel?
Kelly Madison: Love to travel and I love Europe. I really want to return to Greece and to Italy. I have never traveled to England. That is my next vacation.

“I try to film in countries it is legal in. I heard you can go to jail in Indonesia. I’m not going there…”

BNC.admin: what was your favourite place you visited?
Kelly Madison: The island of Santorini in Greece.
BNC.admin: is there a place you wanted to go, but you still haven’t?
Kelly Madison: London
BNC.admin: and you’re doing a lot of your XXX stuff while traveling.. ever got caught or ended up in trouble for that?
Kelly Madison: I try to film in countries it is legal in. I heard you can go to jail in Indonesia. I’m not going there.
BNC.admin: does having sex in public excite you?
Kelly Madison: Yes, just the other day at the park my husband lifted up my skirt and did me right there behind a tree while our dogs played in the grass.
BNC.admin: what about just giving head or titjob?
Kelly Madison: I give him head all the time in the car while he drives, what wife doesn’t?
BNC.admin: oh boy!.. do you know what was the fastest you made someone cum by just giving him titjob?
Kelly Madison: It would be my husband and it took less than 3 minutes.
BNC.admin: I bet you could do better with me… hehehe.. now tell us please few words about Kelly when cameras are off.. what do you do for fun?
Kelly Madison: Play with my dogs, do interior decorating, buy real estate, and cook. favorite food anything Mediterranean, drinks beer and wine, TV shows Deadliest Catch and anything on Discover or Animal Planet, music Mozart to Rancid, hobbies, pets, shops, websites.. OK, I love Gucci.
BNC.admin: sounds pretty interesting.. I like it… you used to have LIVE webcam shows on your website before.. why did that stop?
Kelly Madison: Too much time for too little turn out.
BNC.admin: really?!.. any chance you’re gonna do that some time soon?
Kelly Madison: Yes, the livecam audience is much larger than when I did it I believe. Time to get back on the live cam saddle.
Kelly Madison Big Boobs Pics

“My door is always open to Wifey if she were ever interested in doing a scene with me..”

BNC.admin: most definitely!.. do you have any major goals in the future.. something big about your career?
Kelly Madison: Just keep producing the best websites I can and continuing to do as much content as I humanly can.
BNC.admin: fair enough.. what about your website?.. got any exciting news coming up there?
Kelly Madison: I have a brand new tour and my brand new blog www.TheKellyBlog.com
BNC.admin: sweet!.. I didnt know about the blog.. what about PornFidelity.com.. got any big names we’re gonna see there in the future?.. 
Kelly Madison: The 300th episode is coming up soon. It is going to be the best update so far.
BNC.admin: I bet!… is there any babe you’d really really really like share with Ryan!?
Kelly Madison: There are so many. We shoot 5 times a month so I am fortunate enough to shoot with most of my crushes like Julia Ann and Lisa Ann and Puma Swede. I would love to some day share Sandee Westgate with him. He is in love with her as well.
BNC.admin: now, since you and Wifey are 2 of the hottest porn housewives on the net.. ever thought of doing a scene with her or anything!?.. ever contacted her? 
Kelly Madison: I would love to. I have met her and she is a sweetheart. My door is always open to her if she were ever interested.
BNC.admin: that would be just unreal!!!.. Wifey, you reading this!?… that would be a fucking dream to see 2 of you in action.. really.. any final words for all your fans over @ BoobsterNewsCenter.com?!
Kelly Madison: I love you guys and Boobster is the best, he’s the real deal.
BNC.admin: any final words for me personally!?
Kelly Madison: Thanks and you are an angel for being so patient with me.
BNC.admin: well, you are just too great… thanks a lot for this interview Kelly.. it was such a pleasure talking with you about these things.. as in “it felt so good” :) .. now excuse me, I gotta go do something now.. hehehe..