Harley Raine interview

How long have you been in the Xbiz?
Harley Raine: I have been in the business since 1994.

You're not really that high profile.
Harley Raine: I am in the business, out of the business. In 1999 and 2000 I worked heavily because I was living here. Now I am back on the east coast.

On the big boob circuit I take it.
Harley Raine: Yes, all over the United States. But mainly I like to dance on the east coast. And San Francisco is one of the best areas I have ever worked.

Do you dance at the Mitchell Brothers.
Harley Raine: I've never worked there. Actually smuttier clubs like Market St. and The New Century Cinema. Right now I'm taking some time off. I want to fuck.

When did you first fuck.
Harley Raine: I was 13.

What size were you at 13.
Harley Raine: I don't know. I was a tiny girl with tiny boobs.

Was this behind the bushes.
Harley Raine: No. I skipped school with a boyfriend. He took me into the bedroom and did it.

Did you have an idea of what was going on.
Harley Raine: No. I didn't know if I was doing it right. Or if he was doing it right. But it was disappointing.

It does not sound like this led to a life of unbridled nymphomania.
Harley Raine: But after I figured out what was going on.

I always enjoy talking to big boob girls; they have a unique perspective on life and a bizarre sense of humor acquired from being a big boobed girl. So when did you become a big boobed girl.
Harley Raine: In 1993.

Actually you've got a pretty normal breast size compared to some of the Triple H's out there who need a walker for their tits.
Harley Raine: I am small. I'm a joke compared to them.

But you get profiled in the big bust magazines.
Harley Raine: Like Score.

Big tit girls are in and out of the adult business depending how often they need to refresh their resumes and get some more boxcovers.
Harley Raine: Yup.

So do you get big bucks on the circuit.
Harley Raine: Nah.

So you're a modest big tit girl.
Harley Raine: Just give me lots of work and we're good to go.

What made you decide to get into dancing.
Harley Raine: The money. I'm a business person. I like money.

When did you get your start.
Harley Raine: I was 16. I've been dancing 14 years.

Every woman I've been talking to seems to get into dancing under the legal age. Isn't there a legal age requirement.
Harley Raine: 18 years old but some states it's actually different. But I was determined and had fake ID. I did it. It's like half my life, actually. I'll be 31.

After those many years don't you have to work on getting psyched up?
Harley Raine: No. I like to entertain.

Do you have a fan club?
Harley Raine: No, they're too much work. But I'm in the process of building my Harley Raine website. The fan club didn't work because I'm on the road too much.

How many videos do you think you've been in?
Harley Raine: I had done maybe 200-plus.

Any favorite male performers.
Harley Raine: Yeah. Billy Glyde. Dick Nasty. Used to be Alec Metro but he doesn't work any more.

He's just working on balancing his check book.
Harley Raine: John West is another guy I've worked a lot with. I'd have like five guys I'd work with. I was picky. I'm a picky bitch.

I would never get that impression from you. Never, ever. Remember your first sex scene?
Harley Raine: It was a feature film. It was Mike Horner and I haven't seen him since. It was Mr. Holland's Orgy.

Have you ever done anal?
Harley Raine: Oh yeah. Come on. This is extreme. I'm an extremist. I do it.

What was your first anal like.
Harley Raine: It was great. It was with one of my boyfriends in the business- Christian Steel. He was Chandler's ex husband. It was with him. It was really great. But they're few and far between.

This was on camera?
Harley Raine: No, he came to see me. I flew him up from Florida.

You flew him up?
Harley Raine: Yeah. I wanted some dick in my ass.

Talk about an elaborate booty call.
Harley Raine: It was.

I would have loved to have been a fly on a wall listening to that phone conversation setting this thing up.
Harley Raine: I don't even remember it. There were other drama issues involved but he had to come.

When I interviewed another big tit girl Jennifer Steele she told me that she needed someone to piss in her ass at night so she could go to sleep. Do you have quirky bedtime habits?
Harley Raine: I'm pretty normal although I have sick, twisted thoughts. Two guys are my fantasy. Two guys together, that is. I want to do videos like that. That's my thing.

To do two guy who are doing each other.
Harley Raine: Yes. And then I get to do them with my strap-on.

You're another strap-on lady?
Harley Raine: Oh yeah.

I talked to this performer recently who claims to be the queen of strap-ons.
Harley Raine: Really? That's informing. What title year was that. I think I can beat that one. I like to be in control. I'm a control freak.


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