Lisa Lipps2Lisa Lipps, better known as Le Lei to her friends and followers, has spent her life celebrating the Female Divine. Even before she embarked on her newer and more spiritual path she made her name as an object of worship around the world, being celebrated for her intoxicating beauty and for her embodiment of pagan love goddesses from the past.
lisa lipps4After a career as an icon of erotic performance art Lisa/ Le Lei is now sharing her spiritual gifts with the world. She lectures about Gnosticism and other mystical philosophies that lead to enlightenment. Le Lei has a very versatile approach and does not limit herself or those who seek her help to just one discipline.
This mystic beauty offers skype consultations for those who cannot meet with her in person. For details on contacting her for consultations, spiritual guidance or her healing skills read on.
Balladeer’s Blog: You’ve made it clear that in your belief system the goddess is worshipped under the name Azna. Could you clarify that name?
Le Lei: In the Gnostic teachings Azna was the feminine name given. She is the part of god that is more hands on with creation and can manifest easier.  

Lisa Lipps
Lisa Lipps
BB: As a “chicken or the egg” question do you feel the demonization of human sexuality led to discarding goddess worship or do you feel that when the emerging patriarchal societies turned their back on goddesses that that led to the demonization of human sexuality?
LL: Sexuality had nothing to do with discarding of the goddesses, that was done by man. Constantine to be exact in 345 AD. Actually spirituality and sexuality go together because of the connection made during the act of giving oneself to another. Men have been taught over centuries that women are beneath them but that’s not true. We are the chalice, the life-givers to the world. 
We clean out every 33 days. A complete detox if you will, emotionally, physically and spiritually.
Lisa Lipps3BB: What role do you feel women should play in the spiritual life of men?
LL: We take in more and feel deeper than men do and there’s a reason for that. We are built to cleanse men on many levels. 
BB: In addition to Azna who are some of your other favorite embodiments of the Female Divine?
LL: I look back to the Egyptian times. With Isis women were not an afterthought in the divine plan.
BB: Are you fond of one of the alternate esoteric interpretations of INRI: “Isis Naturae Regina Ineffabilis”?
LL: “Isis, Ineffable Queen of Nature.” Women are mothers to all. I happen to take care of all life big and small. Now let me ask you a question. Do you have an alternate esoteric interpretation that you favor? 
BB: I favor “Ingenio Numen Resplendent Iacchi”, but I think “Igni Naturae Renovateur Integra” has more of a real-world application … Aside from Gnosticism what are some of your favorite approaches to the spiritual realm? 
LL: I’m also a Mystic and a Sikh.
BB: Which metaphysical entities would you say are the closest equivalents of Azna?
LL: The Holy Mother Mary, Isis … Mother Nature, another giver of life.
BB: Do you feel goddess worship should exclude any male entities or are there male figures you consider useful additions to goddess worship?
LL: I love Father God, for all of us from the light should. Equally.
BB: How would you summarize the gifts you have to offer people who seek out your guidance?
LL: I have so many gifts that keep growing and becoming stronger with age and my method of living. My gifts were given by the Divine as a whole. Not just from the Mother but from the Father as well.  
BB: Which gift would you consider the greatest?
LL: The best of my many gifts are my healing hands. I love the gift of channeling other celestial entities to give messages to those who need them. I can read into a person’s current life chart and help them by channeling. However by using my gifts I become depleted of energy and get symptoms of sickness at the end of the day.
BB: What spiritual activity do you consider the most draining?
Lisa L.
Lisa L.
LL: Depending how badly the person’s energy field is clouded it takes a lot for me to clear it out. Then I have to get rid of it as well. That can take time. That’s why I choose to stay in places where I know where to go to be cleansed.
BB: Which areas work best for you?
LL: Places with higher vibrations that are natural to our planet.
BB: What would you say is the main obstacle to people discovering their spiritual side?
LL: People have numbed themselves to being able to open up to the thin veil between our world and the one overlaying us. Everyone has the gift. It’s a matter of taking the time to slow down and use their inner magic to get in touch with it.
Lisa 5
Lisa 5
BB: How would you put Gnosticism in perspective for those unfamiliar with it?
LL: Gnostsicism was the belief system of many Magi before and during the time of Christ. His faith was based on these gentle beliefs as well, proving that there are kinder ways to live and love. Not this hypocritical religion being negatively taught today, where people talk the talk but can’t walk it for a single day.
Living your beliefs seems so hard to most everyone but I do it with great honor and reward every day. No more lying to yourself or others is the first step. The start of breaking the habits we were taught as children, changing everything about who one is and starting over.
It refreshes the soul and unclogs the mind. Opens you up to receive divine messages, dreams and to astral travel while sleeping. All of those benefit us. Everyone of us is a gift to each other. Our paths cross for a reason: some for greatness, others to teach us how not to be taken advantage of.                           
BB: Any other words for readers pondering their spiritual course in life?
LL: I also want you to know that all paths to the divine are the right choice. Everyone gets there on their own terms and in their own time. My way is not the only way. Each path in life takes us where we need to be. We are all here to learn and elevate our souls.
Some have had many lifetimes, all with different themes, all knowledge for the divine and the soul. We will all judge ourselves by the life blueprint we created before coming into this world. This is something we all do with help from those on the other side.
BB: How may people seek out your assistance?
LL: I’m currently working on my site for live cam readings. It will be a couple of weeks before it’s up and running: .  For now people can just use my twitter account twitter@trumystic . I will be doing online lectures as well once I get it set up. Being spiritual is so different from dogmatic religion. 


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