Interviews Julia Ann

Lee: How long have you been working with Wicked Pictures?
Julia Ann: I signed with Wicked April 1st 2002 and from what I understand I am not the only person. Sydnee Steele is also an April Fools Wicked baby.

Lee: How many movies have you done for Wicked?
Julia Ann: I have done Hercules and Class Act after the contract. Now Wicked took out an ad on me called Class Act to announce I had signed for them. After the ad came out they realized that it looked like a movie so they figured they had better come up with something even though they were just originally saying that Julia Ann was a Class Act. So Brad Armstrong shot a little vignette feature with 2 masturbation scenes and 6 sex scenes and I am in all of them. There is also Wicked Whispers and Beautiful/Nasty but both of those were pre-contract.

Lee: How many movies are you contracted to do?
Julia Ann: I am contracted to do 6 movies in one year but we didn’t want to say I was only going to be doing those six movies and that was it so we left it open so that I could appear in scenes in some of the other girl’s movies. I didn’t want to say you only get 6 movies and that was it because what if Sydnee or Stephanie have this really great movie I want to be in I didn’t want to put Wicked in the position of having to say well you are only contracted to do 6 movies and that is it.

Lee: Do you have any plans to work with Evan Stone?
Julia Ann: That is so funny because he was in Hercules but somehow we bypassed each other. I guess somehow it didn’t seem right to have my character have sex with her stepson so it was left out. As far as I know it hasn’t been talked about. I would like to know why we are picking Evan Stone?

Lee: Because I remember reading in an interview with you that you were standing next to him going “why haven’t I worked with you yet?”
Julia Ann: Yeah I know I was thinking why haven’t I worked with him.

Lee: Are they having you do anything special for the Hercules DVD?
Julia Ann: Not so far but I am sure that they will. Wicked always has you come in and at least do a commentary.

Lee: Your virtual sex DVD what did you think of it? Have you even seen the finished product?
Julia Ann: No I have not even watched it. I find it a little to graphic for me. You know maybe if it was somebody else it would be okay but I really don’t want to watch myself that graphically.

Lee: Now supposedly you have tons of pets. Is there one pet you don’t have that you would love to have?
Julia Ann: Well I was down to one dog and one horse but I had to go out and adopt another dog because that just didn’t seem fitting. You know I was in the pet store the other day getting dog food and there was a little pygmy goat in there that I wanted so bad but I got vetoed. The boyfriend said no goat but he was so cute. I called him from the pet store and he said no goat.

Lee: Is that an automatic response from him when you call and say “honey I am in the pet store” he says “no”?
Julia Ann: Well you know what when I went there to adopt another dog he made me stand there, hold his hand and look him in the eye and promise I was only coming back with one.

Lee: How is quitting smoking coming along?
Julia Ann: Oh I quit. I quit the day after Hercules because they made me smoke so much in a 3 and a half hour period. I smoked 17 cigarettes in 3 hours in order for them to get the dialogue they wanted. I looked like an AA meeting kind of woman. I was so green I quit on the way home.
Steve Orenstein who is sitting in on the interview at this point responds that there will be no extra charge for the service. 
Julia Ann: Your own version of shock therapy. Working with Jonathan Morgan you will either start smoking or stop. 

Lee: What are some of the benefits or drawbacks to being a contract girl?
Julia Ann: Well you know I think that when you are a contract girl the company wants to back you so your publicity and advertising are going to be much better. Now when it comes to the work issue obviously there is a pro and a con. If you want to go out and all you want is the immediate cash obviously you can probably make more money banging out movies and doing scene after scene after scene. But if what you want is a more controlled atmosphere where there is more focus on what you are doing and I feel also there is a safety with working with one company then the contract is obviously better for you.

Lee: How do you feel about being Wicked’s “token blonde”?
Julia Ann: “Token Blonde?” (Julia laughs at this one.) They had to do it as much as they didn’t want to. You know I guess that they had a lot of options you know. I would imagine that there we a million blondes that wanted to sign with Wicked. It was just like she is there and she is blonde let’s do it. But um you know it is nice standing out but you know it won’t last. There will be some other blonde standing around the corner just waiting.

Lee: Spider-Man or Star Wars Part II?
Julia Ann: Star Wars. Oh I didn’t see part two. At first I thought you were asking about the original but you know I haven’t seen either of them and you are asking about just those two. You know I think Jason X. I saw that. I ran out to see that. He just wants his machete back.

Lee: Have you had any problems traveling since September 11th?
Julia Ann: You know I traveled that week actually. I had a dance booking in, thank god, San Francisco so I was able to drive there. The following week I was in Kentucky and thank god for Continental Airlines. I don’t know if it is just them but things have been going smoothly.

Lee: So you haven’t been searched repeatedly?
Julia Ann: Oh my god no. Knock on wood. These are like those Murphy’s Law questions. I am not answering. But, no nothing extreme, not really. They are not really bothering my trunks.

Lee: The industry is getting more “hardcore” while Wicked is towing the line. Do you agree with that? Do you not agree with that?
Julia Ann: You know what I don’t pay any attention to it. I do what I am comfortable with and I don’t worry about anyone else in the business. You know that is pretty much what I think everybody should do?

Lee: Do you think there should be a union?
Julia Ann: Oh man you are going to get me in trouble. Okay there is reality and what you wish was. Um you know I think again I for those of us, I have been pampered. I have been taken care of in the business. I was always under someone’s umbrella so I have no bad stories. But there are a lot of girls out there that aren’t that lucky. For them maybe I wish there was better protection. For the newer girls coming in that weren’t lucky enough to walk into a Wicked/Vivid/VCA maybe there should have been something better. But the reality is if we all show up at the meetings we are all going to be an hour late so….

Lee: Other than adult what would be your favorite job if you could have any job in the world?
Julia Ann: Oh my goodness. You know I have to tell you growing up I always swore that what I was going to do would have to do with animals and horses. I don’t think I could ever make any money doing what I would love to do which is rescue animals. It is a pretty poor job category as far cash goes but what ever it would be it would have to do with animals.

Lee: What job would you never want to do?
Julia Ann: You know I know I have them because I am always looking at someone going man I would not want that job. I guess I would probably never want to work at one of those drive thru windows because you know you are getting something wrong and someone is yelling at you.

Lee: What is your favorite curse word?
Julia Ann: You know everyone says fuck so you know I have to be a rebel and not say that. I will say, “bitch”. That is probably because there are so many ways to use that and not all of them are bad.

Steve Orenstein: You know it is funny I thought you were going to say that.
Julia Ann: Hey! Put that in there. Put that in there that Steve O thinks of me as a “B” 

Lee: What is your least favorite curse word?
Julia Ann: These are things I don’t think of. You know I have to say strangely enough I don’t have a... I would imagine a lot of girls say cunt because they don’t like it. I would say pussy and the reason I am going to say that is probably a little more decent and political then people want to think about. But it bothers me that a part of my anatomy insults people to the point that makes them think you are calling them weak and I am a firm believer in the fact the pussy is anything but weak. So it bothers me that it is used in that context.

Lee: Recently the adult industry has been getting a lot of mainstream attention in the media and Playboy. Is that a good thing, bad thing?
Julia Ann: I don’t know is Playboy “mainstream”?

Lee: I think most people consider it mainstream.
Julia Ann: I know Playboy considers themselves mainstream. Yeah you know what I think if it makes people more accepting of their sexuality then it is not a bad thing. So if people are told it is okay by “mainstream” to accept your sexuality to be sexual, masturbate, watch movies, have a good time and safe sex. There is a lot to be gained by people being more comfortable. So yeah it helps a lot but then you know in respect it is a food thing for people to be more comfortable.

Lee: Should we set an age limit?
Julia Ann: You know what I have to tell you I know some 18-year-old girls who are way more mature then some 34 year olds. We have some 30-year-old girls who shouldn’t be doing this. So it really depends on the girl.

Lee: If you could go back and change one thing in your life would you do it?
Julia Ann: If I knew changing that one thing in my like would change who I am today, where I am today and the people I have in my life. No I would not change it.
David Crawford: Yeah!

Julia Ann: Yeah! Like David Crawford. I couldn’t live without him. 
David Crawford: She is the only Wicked Girl I want to fuck so I mean….
Julia Ann: That is only because I am the only one he hasn’t. 

Lee: Hey now. 
Julia Ann: I am kidding. That is so not true. That is really not true.



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