Julia Ann Makes Dating A Cougar Look Awesome

juliaannjohnnycastlevert scene huge Julia Ann Makes Dating A Cougar Look Awesome
Julia Ann
If you were running a dating website for young men to meet cougars, who would you get as a spokeswoman?
Just any old actress that you cast off Craigslist? No! You got to shell out the big bucks and get a bonafide hot MILF otherwise you’ll never get anyone signing up to your website ya dingus.
Thankfully, CougarLife.com understands this principle. That’s why Julia Ann is starring in a national commercial for CougarLife.com. Let’s take a look.
Julia Ann sure does make dating an older woman appealing. Especially if that older woman is Julia Ann.
Even though the production value of the commercial is low and the acting is subpar (not Julia Ann, the other chicks), I will say that this is the most effective commercial I have seen in a long time.
Allow me to illustrate:
Seeing Julia Ann made me think of this:
2441618 julia ann Julia Ann Makes Dating A Cougar Look Awesome
And CougarLife.com made me think of getting next to sexy MILFs like Julia Ann.
And then…well…this happened…


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