Exclusive FreeOnes Interview with Mercedes Ashley!

So when was your first actual porn shoot?
My first porn shoot was back in about 2000 or 2001.

How was that?
I did well for my first time. I had been a stripper and escort for many years before that so I was not afraid of having sex. I did very well. I must say though…it was more hardcore on how we fuck in film more so than in real life that is for sure! Lol.

Did it feel weird or really good?
It was fantastic for me.

What made you decide to do porn?
I had jumped on the internet when the whole website boom came around in 97-99. I started a pay site but was not able to publicize it like I wanted to. So I asked a camera man friend of mine to guide me into porn safely. He did just that. I have had a wonderful experience in it.

What’s your favorite scene?
Michael Ninn Film called Acid Dreams.

How did you choose your name within the industry?
I has been Mercedes, the stripper all of my life since I was 18 because I always drove one. The name Ashley, comes from my X husband and I thought I would bash it in porn. Lol.

Did or do you have a role model?
Funny…yes…Suzie Orman (financial Guru, Oprah Winfrey (richest woman in the world), Joyce Meyer, a world wide christian leader).

How did your family and friends take it when you desided to go into the porn industry?
They never make comment. They respect my privacy and respect me as a woman who knows what she is doing. They love me very much.

Of course we want to know some personal information, what’s your favorite movie?
300 and Hero and Elizabeth. Cant pick either one to be at the #1 spot. I am a martial artist (muay thai) so I love watching fight movies. Elizabeth…because I am attracted to women who hold powerful titles.

Favorite food?

Steak and potatoes kind a woman.

Favorite site?
My own of course! Than yours of course! Ha!

Are you close with your fans?
Hell yeah I am…I am friends with them and converse back on forth since my emails go directly into my cell phone. I answer them all myself and at the fastest speed I possibly can…even on the damn freeway! Lol. I fuck my fans as well baby. Boy am I close to them! Ha!

And what do you do for them?
I just told you silly! Lol.

Do you remember your first kiss?

And how do you remember that?
I dont. Lol.

What did you do before you started to work in the porn industry?
I told u silly. Lol.

What do you do when you come home from work?
From the porn set, i take a long hot bath and pass the hell out! Lol.

Do you have an active personal sex life?
No. I am single. So my work isa the only sex life I have and have no fuck buddies at the moment.

And does your work effect this?
I answered this sweety.

Is the sex with your boyfriend different then when shooting for a movie?
When I have a boyfriend…he normally gets the short end of the stick for I save my sexual energy for PORN. I repeat, on a porn set…you are having the raunchiest sex u can ever have and for looooong lenghts of time…so rule of thumb…save your twat for the porn set baby! They will be sure to fuck you sideways and make up for all the sex u been missing that week! Ha!

You have a favorite position or something you think someone really has to try?
Doggie will forever be my favorite baby.

What is your limit with making porn?
Dont do anal and becareful what u say to me when fucking…whore, slut, bitch if fine…but Nick Manning once said the word PIG on a set and almost got drop kicked in the middle of fucking me. Lol.

Did you ever do something you now wish you didn’t do?
No regrets baby. Nope.

Would you prefer lesbian or heterosexual sex?
Lesbian on a porn set because it is easier…but I do prefer men over lesbian sex anyday. I need the meat baby.

Is there someone you really enjoy working with?
White Actors, even after the incident..i still love fucking Nick Manning (white actor) and Mr Marcus (black actor).

What’s been your worst experience on the set?
None, for if I felt it would be a bad experience then I would walk away from it and not do it.

And the weirdest or funniest thing you experienced?
Nothing is wierd….funny was when I was doing a 5 way scene. Me and 5 well known porn actors and they were intimidated by my aggressive fucking and jumped back from the bed. Lol.

And if there’s anyone you can choose to make a movie with, who would it be?
Brad Pitt baby!

Do you have any tips or advice to people who want to work in the industry?
Good luck bitch! Lol. How limber are you?

You have a new movie coming out we can all wait for?
Yep, just hit Night Prowler. One of the series. Did both the internet site. Good stuff.

And the last question; We all want to know how you see yourself in the future. Any plans?
For now my life is PORN baby. I will go full speed ahead!


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