—Adult star Vicky Vette has landed a starring role in an upcoming mainstream Indonesianhorror movie set for release July 7. It is a clothed non-sex role in Pacu Hantar Periwan, loosely translated as Virgin Ghost’s Girlfriend. Vette stars in the movie along side FHM Model Misa Campo and Dewi Persik, an Indonesian actress making headlines for apparently undergoing hymen restoration to restore her virginity.
Vette joins Tera Patrick and Sasha Grey as the only three adult performers ever to appear in an Indonesian movie. As with the other two performers, the role is likely to cause quite a buzz in Indonesia, which has a ban on pornography, blocks adult sites on the internet and restricts cell phone providers such as Blackberry from operating in the country. A famous singer in Indonesia (Ariel Irham – dubbed ‘Peterporn’) was recently put in prison for over three years after a private video of him having sex on the internet surfaced and the editor ofPlayboy magazine in Indonesia was just released from a two year prison term for releasing a clothed version of the men’s mag.
Vette has regularly been quoted and featured in the Indonesian mainstream media for her outspoken opinions about freedom of speech and expression in that country she has posted to Twitter. Those comments have landed her on the front pages of the countries newspapers and also on nightly news programs.
“Yes, the role is the [typical] scantily clad busty chick in a horror flick, but to the Indonesian people it means a lot more,” said Vette. “While I am not going to be bringing home any Oscars for Best Performance in a Foreign Film, I like to think I am doing something towards promoting healthy attitudes towards sexuality and adult material in other parts of the world that restrict adult entertainment. The producer is taking real risks in making movies like this. I understand his home was recently pelted with eggs and he was threatened with physical harm. For some strange but cool reason I have a lot of fans in Indonesia. By doing the movie, I am able to [make] something for them to watch even though everything else I do is blocked by the government. Honestly, it was kind of strange doing a movie where I had to keep my clothes on! I asked for the role of the virgin in the movie but the producers said it was too much of a stretch…. he he.”
A trailer for the new movie can be seen here.