*Veteran* -Interview With Mercedes Ashley-Staying Business Minded In the Adult Industry

As the Big Boom in Adult entertainment in on the Rise Again! We sit down with Mercedes as she briefly discusses how to survive in this industry and how she became the business-minded Veteran that she is.
Mercedes Ashley has been featured in over 180 adult films and has been featured in popular magazines such as Penthouse, Gents, Club International, Hustler, Black Tail and Black Gold Magazine.
This aggressive hot-blooded Puerto Rican woman has hit the adult industry by storm giving the industry a new taste of lively, hot, dominant sex scenes.
Not only is she a talented film star but in the daytime time she is a notorious website developer & graphic artist.
The woman not only has beauty but brains as well. You will find meeting her will be an enlightening experience compared to many other women.
You can’t get anymore woman than this woman
To find out more about Mercedes Ashley, run a search through Yahoo, Google or any major search engine and you will find all her movies speak for themselves as well as her fanatical XXX adult film career.
.1.so tell us about your u background:
I am a veteran adult entertainer who has been in the exotic dance industry for 20+ years, the porn industry for 10 years, basically an all around the block “Adult Entertainer”. Whatever has to do with the adult world is what I do.
2. which person has influenced you the most in Adult Industry
I have always admired Jenna Jameson, but who doesn’t. I like her business practices.
3.how long have you been in this industry
10 years.
4. how did you go about building your career
Pretty much on my own with the hand of my assistants, I study more on marketing, thats what I pay attention to most. Wtach all the other girls go at it than try to figure out ways I can 
6.Whats ur nationality
I am Puerto Rican
7.Were are u from originally?
Born in Hawaii till I was 14, moving to LA, been here ever since.
8.Whats your favorite position to have sex?
9.Whats your favorite type of guy turn on’s turn off’s with a guy or girl?
I like humble, articulate, respectable, distinguished gentlemen. I hate arrogance.
10.where do you see your self in 5 years in the Adult Industry?
Not sure. I dont like to predict my future. I just like to take things day by day.
Info : for any upcoming events and how can people can reach you for events etc..
July 9-11 I will be signing the LA Exxxotica Expo. LA Porn Convention! http://la.exxxoticaexpo.com/
Website Developer/Graphic Artist
Website: www.mercedesashleyfx.com
Email: mercedesashleyfx@live.com
MySpace: www.myspace.com/mercedesashleyfx
Twitter: www.twitter.com/mafxwebmaster
cell: 310-871-1109


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